M.O.T.O.  +Light Bulb Alley

Rock / Punk / Garage

M.O.T.O. is the kind of band that makes you remember why you ever liked rock ‘n’ roll in the first place. If you play music, they’re the kind of band that will make you want to quit your band, because your band will never, ever be as good as M.O.T.O. They’re the kind of band that you either want to tell all your friends about, or tell no one about so you can keep them as your perfect little rock ‘n’ roll secret. All these things are true about M.O.T.O., a band who has been one of the rock underground’s best-kept secrets for over 20 years now.

Lightbulb Alley believes in musical freedom. Lightbulb Alley believes in rock n' roll done in its pure raw form. There is nothing about rock n' roll you can learn in school. It is in the gutter and in the forest.