JEUDI 3 MAI 2012
The Balconies  +The Trews  +Dj Ricky Roll

6@8 avec Eddy Blake & Terry Joe Banjo – GRATUIT

21h30: Divan Orange et Greenland présentent: The Balconies + The Trews

Billets disponible à l’avance au Divan orange ou sur Admission

The Balconies stand before you – teeth bared, eyelashes batting, clothing and hair drenched in sweat. In the blink of an eye, the group has grown from a humble indie pop band to a leather-clad three-headed rock and roll monster, punctuated by 80s hair metal flair.

The Trews

The Trews are a Canadian hard rock band from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, consisting of vocalist Colin MacDonald, guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, bassist Jack Syperek, and drummer Sean Dalton. The band is currently based in Toronto, Ontario.