The Johnny Cash Machine  +Eric Sandmark & The Party Crashers  +Dj

6@8: Egyptol Brecht chante Hank Williams

Rock / Bluegrass / Rockabilly

Une soirée country-rock-bluesgrass et un puissant hommage à Johnny Cash.

Eric, Eloi, Mark and Kurt have been on the Montreal scene in punk, swing, country, rockabilly and jazz bands lovin' you long time. Collectively, they have spent 2.5 days in prison, but that's because their crimes, like their music, are too tight, fast and hell-bent to get busted. Not a tribute band. Schmaltz-free interpretations of songs written by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. and so on, amped up for dancing or prison riots.

Eric Sandmark & The Party Crashers