Kyrie Kristmanson  +James Irwin

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A'cappella / Alternative / Other

Kyrie Kristmanson est en passe de devenir le nouveau phénomène de la scène folk mondiale. Repérée à quinze ans lors du Winnipeg Folk Festival, cette jeune canadienne à la voix cristalline fut une des révélations de l'année 2007 dans son pays. Kyrie Kristmanson puise son inspiration dans le jazz, la folk et le rock alternatif, mais c'est surtout son chant, limpide et hypnotique, qui séduit le public.

Folk / Punk / Visual

James Irwin makes music and writes in Montreal, Canada. He's in a band, My People Sleeping who released their album feye in December 2009 and an EP in January 2008. He will release an album this June titled Blue Dust of music he has written over the last several years and recorded this winter in the Pines, in the Pines, in Montreal with help from Patrick Gregoire and many, many friends. James co-founded Little Bang Creations who mix dance, music, story and visual art. He drummed and sang in the Coal Choir from 2007-2009, and co-wrote the folk opera Olivia that the choir put on in November, 2009. In 2008 he toured playing piano and getting drunk in The Milwaukee's Best Band. James writes twice a day—songs, poems and stories, first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon, always with a coffee. He is working on a book of poems, and a book of stories. He goes on stage after a whiskey, in a red sweater, with a freshly shaven face. He sings sadly and speaks funny.