Li’l Andy  +Joe Grass  +Dj Ricky Roll

Country / Roots Music / Gospel

"This is roots-based Americana that actually deserves to be made." -The Village Voice

****1/2 "This is a monumental release. Li'l Andy has walked the decaying streets of Montreal for near a decade now, guitar in hand, cowboy hat on head, and mirrored shades firmly in place, but even the great things we've heard from him don't compare to his third record. All Who Thirst soaks in the hallowed atmosphere it was recorded in, that city's famed Église Saint-Jean Baptiste, and is a testament to Andy's personal and spiritual quests and questionings. The tunes move to the band's slow-paced, late-night country vibe, a little bit of folk, rock and gospel explored for good measure."

Certains l'appellent le maître des cordes, faisant ainsi référence à son énorme talent avec les instruments à cordes. Joe Grass accompagne en tournée de nombreux musiciens comme Patrick Watson, Marie-Jo Thério ou Marie-Pierre Arthur. En solo, son jeu de guitare est tout aussi virtuose et fait dans le country-folk introspectif. (philippe Couture)