SILVER DAPPLE  +The Phonebooth Criminals  +Archery Guild

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Melodramatic Popular Song / Pop / Shoegaze

Vous pensiez que leur nom était un hommage aux Silver Apples? Non, c'est plutôt une race de cheval qui ressemble à celui de Rainbow Brite. La musique des Silver Dapple fait beaucoup penser aux chansons les plus molles de Sonic Youth. Power-pop anxieux très lo-fi — on aime le son Nord-Est ou on l'aime pas! — VLL

The Phonebooth Criminals

Rock / Blues / Southern

The Phonebooth Criminals are all in Toronto, and all attend the same high school, Rosedale Heights School of the arts.  We all pretty much met each other from going around and jamming with different people, Zack and Tariq Decided to start a band up when they both found each other in their strings class.  Soon enough they put away the fiddle and the double bass, and went electric.  They found a drummer who was also a close friend as well as a keyboard player, as luck would bring it didnt sound to shabby.  They all find themselves trying to push this band to new heights, and to try and bring back a more vintage sound that they feel has been lost.

Exprimental / Rock / Indie

Archery Guild is a Montreal based experimental indie rock band that invites listeners to experience music that is new and ambitious. Being a group of many players, their sound is loud, energetic, joyful and admittedly chaotic. In the chaos, there is always a melody, harmony and a pulse.