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Folk / Pop / Rock

“Musically, there isn’t really a trace of jazz on Backseat Heroine. I’d call it a pop record, but it's a bit rock, a bit country, and soulful throughout. I think my voice has also developed quite significantly. I discovered a lot of new things I could do with it in the past couple of years. Perhaps the common thread with Never Just A Dream is that it’s still a bit whimsical. In my head most of the songs are very cinematic. You can see them as much as hear them.”

Harlan Pepper

“After just a few songs, you forget how odd it is to see such young musicians successfully channel 60s and 70s folk rock sounds. Once over the initial shock, though, it’s obvious that they’ve got the chops to pull it off better than many bands who’ve spent decades trying for the same vibe.” -NNNN Now Magazine

Indie / Folk

Motel Raphael est un groupe Indie de Folk Pop basé à Montréal formé depuis à peine un peu plus d'un an mais qui a eue la chance de jouer sur des festivals tels que Pop Montréal, le Festival folk d'Ottawa et le Festival Fringe de Montréal. Les membres du groupe se composent de Clara Legault (chant et guitare électrique), Emily Skahan (chant et guitare acoustique), Maya Malkin (chant et guitare électrique), Robin Warner (basse), Afolabi Fapojuwo (batterie), Livia Morris (trompette) et Dane Stewart (vibraphone).

Motel Raphael is a Montreal-based Indie Pop Folk band. They've been together for only just over a year and have had the amazing oppurtunity to play festivals such as Pop Montreal, The Ottawa Folk Festival and The Montreal Fringe Festival. Band members consist of Clara Legault (vocals and electric guitar), Emily Skahan (vocals and acoustic guitar), Maya Malkin (vocals and electric guitar), Robin Warner (bass), Afolabi Fapojuwo (drums), Livia Morris (trumpet) and Dane Stewart (vibraphone).