Rome Romeo  +The Man Machine  +Étienne Morin  +Dj Izi Laterreur

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Rome Romeo + The Man Machine + Étienne Morin + Dj Izi Laterreur

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Punk / Soul and Indie-Rock

It's in spring 2007 that Rome Romeo was born from the ashes of the punk band Fifth Hour Hero, who's entire catalog was released under the very respected No Idea record label. Quickly, ex-members from renown Quebecois rock band such as Le Nombre, Les Marmottes Aplaties and Dirty Tricks joined the line-up to complete the group. In fall 2008, Rome Romeo recorded the entire material that would complete their first self-titled EP, out on the brand new Montreal Machette record label. Incorporing punk, soul and indie-rock, Rome Romeo is rising above the music genre their band members where previously associated with, only to show their undeniable talent to write catchy songs and to create an original new sound in today's Quebec music scene.

Un tas de fil et un passé burlesque...

The Man Machine sonnent comme une invasion de virus informatiques, prêts à bouffer tes octets bien structurés pour n'en laisser que de la désolation binaire. Un cri primal de la machine rendue apte à revendiquer ses origines bien humaines.

Étienne Morin