Bolduc Tout Croche  +Emery Street  +Dj Ricky Roll

Musique underground pour les poètes de salon.

« Lire Rimbaud au Lafleur, poétiser dans un salon d'appartement, boire en famille, trame sonore pour les retours à la maison un peu chaud ou les trajets d'autobus tôt le matin sur le café »

Folk Trash à la Tom Waits

Concocted and simmered amid Montreal’s back alleys, Seb Schwartz's Emery Street project has clearly emerged into a fully fledged multi-layered gutter orchestra. The arrangements featuring screaming brass, raunchy guitars, powerful and innovative rhythm sections as well as raw country string instruments embody a hybrid of Americana and modern vibes to create a fresh, edgy and highly contagious musical allegory. Seb's distinctive raspy voice and taunting lyrics atop an innovative ''wall of sound'' bestows Emery Street with a unique and gritty sound providing their live performance with a one-of-a-kind experience.