David Macleod  +Scotty Mack  +David Celia  +Dj Warren C.Spicer


David Macleod, ayant travaillé avec Angela Desveaux, Katie Moore, Patrick Watson Band et Warren C.Spicer de Plants and Animals, nous présente maintenant son projet solo, aux influences folk-pop.  C'est avec sa guitare acoustique, qu'il vous invite à visiter son subconscient, qui a un regard défaitiste sur la condition humaine et une touche de mélancolie. Son style épuré est des plus impressionnant.

Birds alighting on crisp winter days. Intricate finger picking and tenuous piano chords to highlight the beating of their wings. David Macleod's vocals summon all this with a wit and delicacy that is sweet and somehow not saccharine. None of these tunes will do you wrong. - Culture Bunker

Scotty Mack and his band, More Please!, are intuitive and relaxed yet precise, gritty, and youthful their playing. Seeing Scotty perform is to experience an up-and-coming artist who is original and honest both lyrically and musically. He writes for, and delivers within the modern context while bringing a comfortable familiarity of some of the best writers and musicians since the 1960’ and 70’s. With uncanny hooks, honest lyrics and good-times vibe, Scotty's songs hit hard in the moment and linger infectiously over time. Scotty has played and toured with other bands extensively (Rebekah Higgs, Daniel Sky, and Parks & Rec among others); has toured across Canada solo; with his band has been working hard playing bars and clubs in Toronto for over a year and producing an upcoming LP with David Celia at Andy Magoffin's (the Two-Minute Miracles) studio.


London London, England In Canada he's played at Hillside Festival, Ottawa's Tulip Festival, Mariposa and more. David's reputation as a guitarist has led him to play with many local Canadian artists in their bands, recently including legendary Alt-Country/folk singers Ian & Sylvia Tyson The recent release, This Isn’t Here, effortlessly engages the listener and manages to, naturally and effortlessly, cross genre’s and ages. Lovers of Folk Music and fans of Pop Music –equally charmed. "David is very successful with his music. I want to help make it happen" -Hilly Krystal, Owner, CBGB’s , New York City