5@7: Friend of all the World (Lancement) – 22h: john southworth  +Sean Nicholas Savage

5@7: Friend of all the World (Lancement)

22h: john southworth + Sean Nicholas Savage

Folk / Acoustic

John Southworth is one of Canada’s most distinctive and iconoclastic music artists, respected for forging ahead with his own unique brand of music-making, while garnering high praise for his inimitable contribution – from both critics and contemporaries alike. His new record, “Human Cry” was recently released on Toronto's Barnyard Records and features The South Seas (Andrew Downing –bass, Justin Haynes –guitar, Jean Martin –drums, Felicity Williams - voice), Human Cry's supremely crafted, elegiac songs offer rare and intimate illuminations, artfully performed with seasoned precision and grace. "Remarkably straight-forward, beautiful and powerful." – Herohill

"The best live show of 2010...will renew your faith in music" - Tom Powers, CBC's 'Deep Roots'

"Makes records with a delicious freedom" - Blogotheque

"Wonderful, sylvan, sprightly, uber-bolangaire, peculiar and smart.” Guy Maddin, Canadian film maker

Sean Nicholas Savage

Traditional / Vocal

L’écriture de Sean est à son meilleur, avec un charisme étrange, il ajoute une texture aux relations qui l’entoure. Avec son esprit très créatif, Sean Nicholas Savage, a écrit la musique toute sa vie. Maintenant dans sa vingtaine, il compose et produit de 2 à 3 albums par année. En plus de posséder une magnifique voix, il est un de ces artiste passionné, qui travail aussi sur que  derrière la scène.

"La première écoute nous plonge invariablement dans les comparaisons avec les Dylan, Cohen et autres chansonniers de la même époque. Alors que certains y verront un pastiche, j'y vois, moi, l'intemporalité d'un genre musical qui perdure grâce à des interprètes authentiques comme Savage...." - Élodie Gagnon

Following the damaged R&B of this year’s Trippple Midnight Karma, Sean Nicholas Savage has wasted no time moving into new territory with his side of Won Ton Jaz. Savage deftly manoeuvres several musical landscapes: blue-eyed reggae (“True Love”), spacey ‘70s psych (“UFO”), anthemic ‘80s AOR (“Wasted Dream”, “Peace Man”) and even Caribbean-tinged synth pop (“Whisperin”, “Sony My Only”). All under gauzy production that complements his trademark high vocal register, Won Ton Jaz stands as a logical progression in the ever-developing oeuvre of Sean Nicholas Savage.

As their name suggests, Montreal indie-folk outfit Friend of All the World craft tunes that evoke the camaraderie of a kitchen party or the fellowship that springs up between strangers who meet on the road. Perhaps that’s because songwriter and front man, Rob Cole, employed a hitchhiker’s optimism and an ad on Craigslist to assemble the band.