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Often described as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming acts, Hey Ocean is a young band with an extraordinary talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of infectious pop that is uniquely their own. Together, Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham and David Vertesi have created a musical repertoire that cannot be ignored – be it on radio, television or your neighbor’s iPod, Hey Ocean will soon be everywhere.

Souvent décrit comme LE groupe prometteur au Canada actuellement, Hey Ocean est un jeune groupe ayant ayant la capacité de mélanger les styles musicaux pour en faire une pop bien à eux.  Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham et David Vertesi ont créé un répertoire musical qu’on ne peut pas manquer – à la radio, à la télévision ou encore sur les iPod de tes voisins, Hey Ocean sera bientôt partout.

Pop / Rock

For a band whose name comes from an odd family heirloom, and whose sound can only be described as genuinely unabashed dance floor rock, Whale Tooth defy nostalgia yet simultaneously remind listeners of another era in music. A time when instantly familiar guitar riffs and boy-girl vocal hooks brought the kids out on the floor without hesitation.

Formed through mutual friends and a mutual conviction that indie music ought to get ones' blood running fast, since 2008 Whale Tooth have already played over 150 + shows including gigs at NXNE and Steam Whistle's Unsigned Music showcase. The only thing that could make them more endearing at this point would be having their first single "Hibernation Song" featured on the beloved television drama, Degrassi - The Next Generation...which is good news, since they've done that too.

Front-woman Elise LeGrow has found the secret to infusing her classic jazz background into traditional indie-rock. Her powerful, effortless vocals coupled with Norm Maschke and Alex Denike's guitar and back-up vox "will ignite the fire in your soul, and make you 'twist and shout' over and over again" (Earshot). With Sep Noroozi (drums) and Michael McCreary (bass/vocals) providing the rhythms, the band looks to continue to expand their repert …