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Rebekah Higgs

Alternative / Indie / Pop

Rebekah Higgs is an instrument all her own. At times happy, often haunting, her voice echoes and chimes like a xylophone French kissing a wa-wa pedal. Produced by Brian Deck (Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse, Califone), Little Voice is not only a shiny new four song EP to wrap around yourself for warmth against the coming winter but also a glimpse into what fruit Rebekah Higgs' upcoming sophomore full length record will bear come the new year.

Sly and coaxing, everything is ethereal as Higgs' voice is flooded over and over, layered by the Kaoss pad. Deck and Higgs performed the better part of every instrument on Little Voice. This weird, beautiful mixture is a navigation through loveless territory at times, the wizened lens that comes with getting to know the night. The arrangements are comforting yet disarming all at once. Songs like the title track “Little Voice" and "Miserably Together" evoke a dizzying nostalgia, while "Asleep All Winter" and "Drunk Love" are ripe for dancing or making out on the couch.

With Little Voice, Rebekah Higgs returns from a two year stint fronting electro glam-thrash band Ruby Jean, with powerful and resonant songs, both lyrically and musically. Although she’s been busy, it is obvious from the honesty and vulnerability of Little Voice that Higgs has had time to stare out more windows, take longer drives across the country, spend more time with children, and perhaps even fall in and out of love a few times.

“I’ve long loved Higgs’ voice, a most powerful and poignant instrument. This, a teaser for a forthcoming full-length, doesn’t disappoint.” Hour

“Little Voice is a marvellous EP that raises the bar high, but with the right company, Higgs’s sophomore LP should have no trouble Fosbury Flop-ing over it.” Exclaim!

“The ep was produced by Brian Deck (Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse), who wisely lets Higgs big voice shine on the waltzy title track.” The National Post