A Devil’s Din  +Sweet Mother Logic  +Caroline Glass  +Dj Izi Laterreur

Indie Montréal présente:

Alt Rock / Psychedelic

A Devil's Din is the sonic spawn of David Lines, keyboardist, guitarist and singer, and active member of the Montreal music scene. After performing with several local bands including Mongrels, Test Pilot, Moondata Collective and The Mother Funkers, he decided in 2008 to begin work on his own project and formed A Devil's Din, a vehicle where he could explore his eclectic, yet exoteric musings. To accomplish this goal he sought the aid of mighty drummer Colin Burnett, his band-mate from Mongrels, already renowned from legendary Montreal post-punk band Bliss. The other half of the rhythm section is made up of Thomas Chollet, born and raised in France on a steady diet of Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler and Cliff Burton, before recently coming to Montreal.

Experimental / Acoustic / Pop

Sweet Mother Logic est un dynamique mélange de violoncelles synthétiseurs vintage. Comprenant également des basse, guitare, batterie et piano, ce quintet instrumental suscite une grande variété de styles et de sons pour former quelque chose de nouveau et de savoureux. Malgré leurs rythmes complexes et leurs improvisations musicales, on est captivé du début à la fin du show qui est facile à écouter.

Sweet Mother Logic is an innovative, genre-bending, instrumental free-for-all, colliding a rocket-powered string duet with vintage keyboards and guitar over jagged drums to produce what the Montreal Mirror described as "tightly wound with vigorous energy and engaging, original melodies" with "a penchant for wordless tale-telling." Both on stage and in the studio, Sweet Mother Logic has received universal praise from critics and listeners. The Montreal Gazette described the band's performance at last year's Pop Montreal as one of their "favourite sets of the festival so far...a sprawling vocals-free extravaganza, at turns soaring and pounding."

Caroline Glass

Alternative / Folk / Experimental