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Next Music form Tokyo vous propose 4 groupes Punkrock japonais en tourné exclusive au Québec

Devil Eyes have been carving their name into the underbelly of Montreal's rock scene since early 2006. Their music is a raw and lean explosion of garage, no wave, klezmer, noise, blues, metal and Japanese punk, yet they somehow manage to make sense out of the chaos in a joyfully ear shattering ream of songs. The trio have been making their own style of experimental dance punk, but check influences like Motorhead, Guitar Wolf, Bob Log III, Comets on Fire, Les Rallizes Dénudés and Captain Beefheart as well as bands like ESG and The Contortions.

NATSUMEN are an 8 member instrumental self described “Progressive HardCore JAZZ Aggressive Improvisation ROCK band.” As a frame of reference, take the best elements of Fishbone, the Mars Volta, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis then inject the essence of summer with its brighness, warmth and energy and you’ll have the blueprint for something very close to NATSUMEN’S brilliant and unique musical style.

Two key founding members of NATSUMEN, AxSxEx and AIN, were originally in the legendary funk, soul, thrash, experimental yet unabashedly pop band: BOaT

チーナ (pronounced “chee-na”) is an orchestral indie-pop band based out of Saitama, Japan near Tokyo. Having grown bored of performing solo, singer-songwriter and pianist Kyoko Shiina formed her own band fusing classical music with elements of jazz, pop and post-rock. In 2007, the band’s core was formed when Shiina was joined by violinist Yukako Shiba and Eri Hayashi on contrabass.

Akai Ko-en

赤い公園 (Akai Ko-en; translation = “Red Park”) are four girls aged 18 to 19 who reside in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. Their music is a blend of melodic pop and shoegaze accentuated by ferocious hardcore and noise.

Guitarist Maisa Tsuno has prodigious song-writing talent and is responsible for all lyrics, composition and arrangement. A perfectionist at heart tempered by a willingness to take risks Tsuno draws on her eclectic influences (eg Boredoms, Radiohead, Jim O’Rourke) to craft gorgeous compositions ranging from deliciously sweet to intensely discordant. Akai Ko-en’s candid behaviour and virtuosic musicianship set them miles apart from typical female rock bands that rely on cuteness and sex appeal to mask a mediocrity in talent.

Hailing from the southwestern city of Fukuoka is the moshpit inducing post-punk quartet known as hyacca (pronounced hyakka). Their music is equal parts Bad Brains, My Bloody Valentine, Neu! and Tera Melos fusing together lightning speed punk with shoegaze soundscapes, krautrock rhythm and angular, mathy riffs.Add orgasmic changes in tempo, alien-like distortion effects, dual male/female screams and vocals and unrelenting raw power to spice the sonic maelstrom up even further. Noisy and aggressive but fiercely melodic and extremely danceable, hyacca sound great on CD but are tenfold more furious, fun and intense experienced live. Bring an extra T-shirt.