The Pinecones  +Darling DeMaes

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Psychedelic / Alt Pop

The Pinecones are finishing work on their third full length, tentatively titled "Ooh!" It's an upbeat rockin' little record, full of 2 minute singalong dittes that capture the fun of their live format and showcase their timeless writing style and knack for mega-hooks. Likely to draw comparisons to 70's power pop acts such as Big Star and Badfinger, The Pinecones are also motivated by their love of The Carpenters, 60's teen idols and 90's Brit Pop.

Indie / Pop / Rock

Darling DeMaes est un des secrets les mieux gardés du Canada. Aussi ludique que sinistre, ils saisissent votre attention et ne la lâche jamais." Acker Bryan ~, HeroHill