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Rockabilly / Country

Groupe Montréalais composé de Felicity Hamer (vocals), Eddy Blake (upright bass, vocals), Gabriel Lambert (electric guitar, vocals), Kevin McNeilly (acoustic guitar, mando, vocals) et Eric Thibodeau (drums, vocals)


Behold, the tireless heavy-rock armada that is White Cowbell Oklahoma now bring their live assault directly to you via VIVA LIVE LOCOS: ALIVE AT THE BURG HERZBERG FESTIVAL!

WCO's studio albums - Cencerro Blanco (2005), Casa Diablo (2007) and the especially adventurous Bombardero (2009) - have all been critically-acclaimed affairs worldwide. Many, however, argue it is the band's incredibly over-the-top live show that defines White Cowbell Oklahoma. Fire, chainsaws and dancing maidens aside, others add that WCO have grown into an extremely dynamic, virtuosic musical outfit. Thus, the band’s 70s-infused live show - which owes as much visually to KISS, The Tubes and Alice Cooper as it does musically to ZZ Top, Deep Purple and The Allman Brothers - has become a jaw-dropping spectacle to behold.

The roots of White Cowbell Oklahoma's precarious balancing act lie in their initial tours of Europe. In July 2006, the band headlined the first night of the annual Burg Herzberg Festival -- one of Europe's biggest and most prestigious jam fests. The performance was expertly recorded and later broadcast on German national TV to much fanfare. WCO's set featured many lesser-played songs from their canon, with many cuts stretched close to the 10-minute mark. Burg Herzberg was not only a unique show, it marked a turning point for the band forever