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Atl / Pop

Toronto-based Gramercy Riffs have been making waves nationally since relocating from their hometown of St. John's in early 2010. Their critically acclaimed debut album "It's Heartbreak" found itself onto several best-of-the-year lists and the Earshot national college charts as well as garnering play on CBC and commercial radio. Sticky Magazine raves "you have no idea how many times I had this entire album on repeat" and iheartmusic writes "they really are a remarkable band, and if their debut full-length is any indication, they're just getting started" while Broken Speaker exclaims "It truly is one of those can’t-put-it-down type of albums."


Hailing from St. John's, Newfoundland, Mark Bragg is a musician and narrative songwriter with a taste for the grit. His own flagship albums (The Reckless Kind and Bear Music) are critically acclaimed internationally, and with them, Bragg has toured extensively through Canada, Germany, and Ireland.

It is no wonder Bragg has been received so well across the pond; Crafting storylines and backdrops that are somehow close to home for us all, Bragg showcases the deepest and darkest of human tendencies, revealing in each of us what we are capable of, what we fail to do and what we fail to avoid. Stand alone, his lyrics could be. Bragg is as strong a storyteller as he is a musician. His music, though, tells the rest of the story – the parts words can’t suffice. It’s a story we all know. Bragg and his band of butchers will summons you to strut your stuff in this parade we call life.

Most recently, and most fittingly, Bragg scored and composed original songs for the acclaimed Newfoundland feature film Down to the Dirt. These days, he's close to home with his partner, Kerrie, and little girl, Jesse, and touring regularly in Canada with his band of butchers.

A'Cappella / Folk / French Pop

De la même étoffe que Tom Waits et Nina Simone, enracinée dans le cabaret et le folklore, Simard a réussi à ce créer un style bien a lui.