The Jimmyriggers  +Lee Melhor  +Kristen Bussandri  +Dj Sunny

With clever song structures, crisp vocal harmonies and a healthy dose of twang, the Jimmyriggers deliver a potent mix of sounds that appeals to rock and roots fans alike.

Built around the songwriting talents of bass player David Pearce, guitarist Andre Kirchhoff, and the colour of maverick guitar slinger Kevin Moquin, the Montreal-based alt-country band counterpoint their full electric sound and powerful rhythms with strong melodic song structures. It is their trademark harmonies, however, that truly lend the band its unique sound, with Pearce’s clenched fist-in-velvet glove vulnerability dovetailing with Kirchhoff’s more honey-dipped tones.

“The Jimmyriggers – easily one of Montreal’s best bands – slam out a high-energy set." - Montreal Gazette

"In a city renowned for it’s music scene, Kristen Bussandri’s musical style stands out. It won’t be long before she’s setting places a lot bigger on fire."– Dave Kaufman, Team 990 Radio Montreal

"Kristen Bussandri is an arresting female vocalist - her instrument is the sound of inspiration."– David Weiss, NYC Editor for Mix Magazine

"Kristen’s music is both extremely personal but universally relatable, telling tales of young love, heartbreak and self discovery. Her style combines the works of rock, blues and even an undertone of country that hooks the listener leaving them craving for more and there was no doubt that the audience that night left hungry."– Samantha Kaufman, SongCircle Music NYC