Pop Montréal: Pm et Night
  • 21h

Showcase Phonopolis

14h00: Caroline Keating


16h00: Kuhrye-oo (MEMBER OF BORN GOLD)

17h00: Rich Aucoin

21h20: Nick Kuepfer

22h00: Kyle Bobby Dunn

22h50: Eric Chenaux

23h40: Elfin Saddle

De 14h à 17h – GRATUIT ou Pay what you can

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Experimental / Folk

Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie began Elfin Saddle after moving east across Canada from Vancouver Island to Montreal…their take on acoustic folk is charged with myth, mysticism, anarchism, and a love of wilderness…the alertness and drive of their luminous songs actually sounds electrified, but it’s not—they’ve prefigured a time in the post-apocalyptic future, after the machines of civilization have ground to a halt and the remaining humans will have to make their music without plugging in… -WZRD Chicago


Chenaux's songs begin as singular vocal lines and become thorny with his elastic and mouthy guitar playing. Of this guitar playing, Toronto critic Carl Wilson writes, "Ornette Coleman might call it harmolodic. Chenaux might call it an amazing background. His strings chime with all those thoughts at once. I adore the way he teases out a melody, never beginning a phrase so much as joining one already in progress. The sound quivers and multiplies such that I picture his strings fraying and sprouting into more strings, weeds, nests, marshes, frogs' tongues, cancelled coins, nickel pipes, drainage systems, catacombs, coral reefs... I could pick Chenaux's guitar out of a lineup within a few woozy notes, because it's no longer confined to the orthodox pluck, squawk and scrape of [Derek] Bailey-influenced guitar improv; instead it has absorbed Bailey's open field of possibility into a love of song. And the songs are strong enough to take it".

Electroacoustic / Minimalist

Kyle Bobby Dunn is a Canadian born and based sound artist and minimalist composer. His current projects include various applications and works for guitar, composing for live and layered process of classically trained musicians, and most recently, site-specific location recording, processing, and performance. He's also the frontman of the gloomy Subtract by Two project with James W. Hill (New York) and their extensive work with scattered ensembles and random musical and non-musical contributors. They saw their first release on Los Angeles label, This Generation Tapes in 2005.

Acoustic / Experimental / Folk

Nick Kuepfer is a guitar player who weaves nylon string and electric guitar pieces with live-sampled tape loops, recordings of animals, and drones from various sources. His predominantly wordless music ranges from subtle and static to frantic and abrasive, with a methodical, vigilant sense of experimentation guided by the search for consonance and dissonance with the sounds of "nature".

Caroline Keating

Caroline makes music with the warmth and grace of someone who cares deeply for what they do. Her songs are delicate and artful, but also fun. While the obvious comparison would be Feist, Caroline's music is wholly singular in the way of a good friend who makes you feel like no one else can." — RG

"Great friend. Great voice. Please check this out." -NB

"Goose Hut make dance music. Goose Hut are serious and not serious."- NB

"Kuhrye-oo tunes have that singable, catchy-song-y-melody vibe to them but remain firmly rooted in the dance approach--as opposed to sounding like a 4/4 beat artificially grafted onto an indie song, (not that I don't love it when your band does that, seriously you guys are great." - Jamie Thompson

Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower.

Rich Aucoin is a connector. On a mission to create a euphoric communal experience, Rich Aucoin writes music that transcends. With his first commercial release, Public Publication, Aucoin has created anthemic pop, breaking the barriers between audience and performers, inviting everyone to create this lush-yet simplistic, electro-pop music together.