Tuffcookie  +In Seasons  +Bucky Harris

Alternative / Grunge / Punk

Unlike your grandmother's stale and hard ginger snaps, these fellows can rock. They chew and churn out solid riffs that hit your sweet tooth. Indeed, The ingredients, as in influences, are plentiful. To start off, the beats are a high powered battery that whip any egg head into a scrambled desire to cerebrally dance; think stoner rock during an ecstatic munchie binge. The bass is the baking soda. ...At this point in the mix the heavy makes sure that a new-wave- grunge hybrid creates a lift in the battery that will feed even a salt lover. Pulling from a decade plus of east coast underground American rockers, with healthy vocal vibe that reminds one of early Rainer Maria, the guitars have a fuzz that create something between heavy pop, a joy-divison-punk-infused drip of oil in an engine reminiscent of sunday driving with the windows down towards dusk in a big old boat of a car that has all the designer logos ripped off: leaving no frills, just good fun rock and roll. Indeed this is no 60's induced homage to a flower band. All is good though at 350 degrees. No foul in not using flour while cooking. You'll just get one Tuffcookie.

Experimental / Rock

After three years of working on a direction and a focus many things can change. For starters a new band name, In Seasons, and a whole different outlook on everything music oriented.

Alternative / Folk / Rock

A dash of punk, some folky twang at the roots, the odd funky inclination and harmonies around every bend. Bucky Harris is made up of 5 guys who have been making music together for a very long time. Our live show has been called "energy-boom-machine of dance-feast".