JEUDI 25 AOÛT 2011
Kim Bingham (ex-Me Mom & Morgentaler)  +The High Dials

Pop Punk / Powerpop / Rock

Projet de Kim Bingham, ex-Me Mom & Morgentaler

Grandement influencée dans son écriture par des artistes de « top 40», tels David Bowie, ABBA, The Beatles et Fleetwood Mac, le tout donne ainsi à Up une ambiance jukebox. Elle profite de cet album pour partager une immense joie de vivre et une gratitude face aux collaborateurs qui l’ont soutenue et aidée lors des nombreuses expériences l’ayant menée à l’artiste qu’elle est aujourd’hui. C’est une célébration des victoires et défis de la vie.

Kim established herself as a dynamic rock'n'roll performer in Canada under the pseudonym MUDGIRL. Kim has moonlighted as a guitarist and vocalist, performing and recording internationally with Nelly Furtado, David Usher, and Bran Van 3000. Most recently, Kim completed writing the music for the three seasons of the hit French-Canadian TV series "Les Invincibles" (on Radio-Canada).

The High Dials make anthemic psychedelic pop shaded with shoegaze, electronic and folk rock influences. They have a deep back catalogue and extensive tour and press history in both North America and the UK.

They recently returned from a lengthy performing hiatus in which they composed and recorded two film soundtracks, collaborated with legendary Rolling Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham and completed a new studio album.

In 2014, their song “Uruguay” featured in the hit Netflix series “House of Cards”.