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Rock & Soul

“Let’s only play basements and garages!” This was the initial agreement between founding the two founding members of The Noble Thiefs Greg Arcade (guitar) and Tim Jones (drums), one that quickly changed with the addition of bassist, Riley Hastings, and lead singer, Myron Dean. Suddenly ears began to perk, phones started ringing and crowds grew larger and larger. Like Pinocchio before them, The Nob...le Thiefs had become a real boy – er, band. Ahem.

Alternative / Rock

Though the suburban Montreal native is only just in his thirties, he’s already gone through more experiences, turmoil and hardships than a person twice his age. All of these experiences have shaped who he is today and are reflected in the eclectic and colourful musical landscapes he’s created for his The Death of Reason debut solo album for Shoreline Records/Fontana North.

Acoustic / Folk Rock

Colin Moore est un auteur-compositeur interprète montréalais. Bien que nouveau joueur dans la scène folk-rock, il a su rapidement attirer l’attention autant des fans que du milieu de l’industrie. Il puise ses influences parmi les grands : Springsteen, Tom Petty, Dylan, Mike Ness, etc, en créant toutefois son propre univers.