Boy Without God  +Coco et Co.  +Bantam Wing
  • 22h

Indie / Rock

Boy Without God is the songwriting project of Boston native Gabriel Birnbaum. His songs have been described as “moody and richly literate” by the Boston Globe, and his “deep, commanding vocals” will “more than hold your attention,” (L Magazine). John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats has praised his recorded work as “a lovely, lovely thing.” Birnbaum has recently expanded the BWG act into a full, electric band, combining his dynamic and vivid pop songs with the tight vocal harmonies of The Band, the inventive, intricate arrangements of pop-savvy composers like Nico Muhly and and the ecstatic improvisation of people like Albert Ayler & Charles Mingus. BWG has shared stages with the likes of Titus Andronicus, Phosphorescent, J. Tillman, & White Hinterland.

"The band defies expectations, with songs that careen from soft to loud, country to indie-rock and a lot more in between." -BreakThru Radio

"Close, ragged harmonies of the sort mastered by The Band[…]Van Morrison’s closing number on an especially besotted evening. It’s transporting stuff, and proof that songcraft and low-fi can inhabit the same space." - Keith Halladay, North Of Center

Coco et Co.

Lyrical / Neo-soul / Pop

Informed by the approach of Serge Gainsbourg, the spirit of Sade, and the mood of Low they limited their thoughtful songs to arrangements for drum machine, keys, guitar, and two voices.