MARDI 21 JUIN 2011
JF Robitaille  +Sea Oleena

5@7 – Uxmtl

"Lyrically sincere and utterly charming. JF Robitaille could rise to be a Leonard Cohen for the new age; but with optimism, melody and a prettier voice." -EXCLAIM MAGAZINE

"Both the pristine pop tunes and slow-bop ballads are clean and simple, and their light orchestration, pretty harmonies and pleasant melodies are contrasted by often dark, even depressed lyrics, a great device in the right hands, from Del Shannon to Morrissey to Robitaille." -8/10 MONTREAL MIRROR

Sea Oleena is the sudden rush of inspiration. The long anticipated conclusion. The layer of dust on the bookshelf. The missed flight. The memorized view from a window. The space between.

Sea Oleena is the voice of someone you used to know, in the body of someone you've yet to meet, following you through a dream.