ZIZEK TOUR: Chancha Via Circuito & El G (Buenos Aires)  +Sonido Nordico

Le collectif  de Dj Argentin Cumbia electro, nous font l’honneur de revenir enflammer la Divan orange.

Zizek est un nouveau club de Buenos Aires en Argentine, dédié à la musique naissante du Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Bastard Pop, Mashups, et plus encore. De nombreux DJs les plus audacieuses le uns que les autres sont nés  dans ce club. “I suggest you go see Zizek is you are ever in Buenos Aires on a Wednesday Night, It’s a Movement!”.-Diplo.

Tout comme le tango il ya 90 ans, aujourd’hui c’est la cumbia qui transcende les chantiers et le fossé de la richesse.

Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK, Buenos Aires)

Rio Arriba is the sophomore album from ZZK artist Chancha Via Circuito who molds local South American rhythms into global artistry. Rio Arriba bubbles up from the Andes like percussive lava, seething as it is soothing. Layers of drums play out like water and earth battling heat - heat brought by Chancha Via Circuito, the Pig on the Circular Train.

Chancha has forged a path from his town outside the urban sprawl of Buenos Aires in the east of Argentina up across the border with Bolivia and into the Northern hemisphere where he's bringing new fans to native drum traditions. In his first release, Rodante, Chancha took cumbia into uncharted territory retrofitting the Latin rhythm for a worldly audience. With Rio Arriba, South American folklore takes the reins and, under Chancha’s steady hand, obscure backwoods rhythms take on a top shelf lifestyle as folklore hits the club.

El G grew out of Buenos Aires. Grant C. Dull (pronounced Duel), first came to Argentina in 1999 and reinvented himself more than once, going from musicologist and online magazine editor, to visual artist for events and finally to curator and DJ. He founded the bilingual cultural website, and co-founded ZZK Records and Zizek Club with his Argentine partners.

El G the DJ continues to evolve bringing new sounds of digital cumbia, electro-reggaeton and Andean folklorico among other sound mutations to the decks. He peppers his sets with live percussion, collaborates with his peers on stage and brings his unique vision of global music and culture to the arts community at large.

Sonido Nordico

Cumbia Électronique, Urban Latin, Électropop, New Eighties et +++

Infatigables DJs/entertainers/bailarines d'un groupuscule latino futuriste de Montréal. On se shake le boum boum, tu te shakes le boum boum. Cumbia électronique, urban latin, electropop, new eighties et +++. La new shit qui fait suer nos cousins d'Amérique latine.

Restless DJs/entertainers/bailarines from a futuristic Montreal latino group. We shake our boom boom, you shake your boom boom. Electronic cumbia, urban latin, electropop, new eighties and +++. The new shit that gets our Latin American cousins sweating.