MARDI 17 MAI 2011
First You Get The Sugar  +armen at the Bazaar

5@7: Lancement de livre

Authors offer 15 ways North America’s automobile-dominated transportation system is irritating, irrational, irresponsible and increasingly inhuman
« This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the impact of the private automobile on our urban transportation options. » -David Cadman, Vancouver City Councillor, International President ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability

« In Stop Signs, Mugyenyi and Engler take readers on an insightful, fact-filled journey through the primary habitat of the car-dominated species they call Homo automotivis. With wit and originality, they weave travel tales into a convincing argument against the auto economy, culminating with a fresh call to leave car culture behind. » – Katie Alvord, Author, Divorce Your Car! Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile

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First You Get The Sugar

Pop / Rock

First You Get The Sugar est un groupe rock originaire de Montréal. Leur musique s'avère être un amalgame de riffs rocks et authentiques, de rythmes aux mélodies exaltantes et de pop ultra chargé. Après avoir passé les 2 dernières années à perfectionner leur son par le biais de concerts s'étirant toute la nuit, la formation est prête à émerger de l'underground montréalais avec le lancement de leur tout premier album.

A Montreal-based independent band negotiating the ups and downs of the new music industry, First You Get The Sugar seems to be pretty good at finding new ways of getting themselves heard. They are a four-piece, like The Beatles and Talking Heads. They are all-male, like the Kennedy Administration. Their music is a blend of bruising riff rock, pulsating dance rhythms, and oven-baked pop goodness.

"Danceable, giddiliy hooky...they're going places." -Mark Lepage, Montreal Gazette

"...basically, the kind of songs you hear and then wonder why they aren’t hits." -Converse Music

" exciting young band from Montreal ...offering those key elements we all look for... excitement, hooks, and maybe a touch of danger." -James Beaudreau, Masterdisk Record



Electro / Alt / Pop

Armen at the Bazaar

Alternative / Healing & EasyListening / Gospel

Un vrai musicien éclectique qui maîtrise parfaitement l'art du one man band. Il offre un folk/pop doux et réconfortant avec sa voix exceptionnelle et son jeu de guitare parfait ! L'album est fantastique, mais son spectacle nous transporte à un tout autre niveau.

Armen Bazarian is anything but a choirboy. Invigorated by the timeless power of the human voice. Armen began exploring pop songcraft in his early teens, writing and recording countless acoustic demos. He fronted rock, emo and orchestral-pop projects, and while the thrill of a band setting strengthened his confidence as a performer. He found that group dynamics ultimately obstructed his stalwart, singular vision. And thus, Armen at the Bazaar was born. Slowly, but forcefully Armen has vanquished the need for a band’s accompaniment; in the studio, by spending countless and sleepless nights honing lush orchestrations and tight arrangements; on stage, through a multi-channel looping and sampling allowing him to be his own backing band rife with layered harmonies of choral chanting, soaring guitars and tribal percussion. While he stands alone, both on the stage and in the studio, his music is anything but empty—his voice full of life and his sound full of colour.

“Hard-working Montreal-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Armen Bazarian returns with his second self-released EP in as many years. Fantastic production complements Bazarian's playful take on indie, folk and psych. Virtually drumless until Anna's Song bursts into epic electro breakbeats, Armen instead uses guitar, sound engineering and overlapping phasing and echoing of his own voice. Drive With Me especially captures the studio wizardry that allows Armen's harmonies to blissfully hypnotize the listener in a style reminiscent of Animal Collective's Avey Tare. Two EPs show a ripening artist with character and verve - keep an eye on this guy.”
The Hour, Steve Lalla