The Milkman’s Union  +The Wind Up Radio Sessions  +Grand Splendid  +Dj Sunny

$6 à l’avance / $8 à la porte
Portes 20h30

Electroacoustic / Indie / Melodramatic Popular Song

“Lead singer Henry Jamison’s lyrics are beautiful and along with his vocals and the music, it all blends to create a dreamy-imagery” - The Deli (New England)

‘The Milkman’s Union, an alluring rock quartet from Portland, Maine, writes atmospheric yet earthy songs. The closest comparison this writer can think of is the fairly obscure Ottawa band Wooden Stars, another group unafraid to follow its muse to wherever - calm skies of twinkling twin guitars, a simple country lope, or an unpredictable multi-movement symphony of a rock song.’ - The Northampton Gazette

The Wind Up Radio Sessions

Folk Rock / Indie / Pop

Formed in Montreal in late 2008, The Wind Up Radio Sessions have developed a sound of their own, merging folk, pop and rock sensibilities and influences from each members' backgrounds. Their debut album, Red Brick House, was released in 2010 and the band found themselves on the receiving end of much critical praise and highly positive reviews. After a year of gigging accross Quebec and Ontario, The Wind Up's are now working on new songs for a 2011 release.

Alternative / Indie / Rock

Rock band Grand Splendid hail from Montreal and are excited to be on the local indie scene. Their upfront electric guitar sounds and soothing vocal melodies are attracting the attention of indie music lovers. They have a unique way of experimenting with guitar sounds while maintaining a pop sensibility that makes their music both accessible and intriguing to fans.

The band played their first concert in the fall of 2008, and hasn't stopped since. Grand Splendid is composed of Julian Buchbinder (vocals / guitars), Olivier Boyer-Masutti (guitar), Alex Pilla (bass), and Juan Neira (drums).

After only recording a few demos, several indie radio stations across Canada and the US have aired Grand Splendid’s music. The band is thrilled to enter the studio in 2011 to record their first full-length CD titled “Neverending”.