Wassabi Duo – M3 & Gisto of Wassabi Collective

Wassabi Collective

Pop / Rock / Reggae

Wassabi Duo is comprised of Melissa M3 (Percussionist/Singer) and Gisto (Guitarist/Singer/Producer) of Wassabi Collective. When the two heads of the band return home from the road, the music doesn't stop; Gisto and M3 have been busy in the studio producing a new sound, remixing Wassabi originals and dubbing out fresh club bangers, bringing a whole new side of Wassabi Collective. Now after a thousand shows and years on the road spreading the Wassabi Vibe, they are once again taking the show on the road, in this exciting new incarnation....

The Duo is excited to showcase their evolution with an all new Electro Ragga Dance Party featuring all the percussion, guitar and vocals of the Collective backed by new school original beats. This is sure to inspire the long time Wassabi fans, appeal to new audiences and of course, light up the dance floor! The project is in its infancy but so far the response has been overwhelming..this is a must see event!!

This high energy Duo is set to embark on their first East Coast Tour as Wassabi DUO!

Ils sont sensuels et sexy, intrépide et intrigant. Cette formation canadienne de cinq musiciens, savent clairement qui ils sont et ce qu'ils font. Ils sont progressifs, ils peuvent rebondir sur un groove reggae , ils peuvent passer facilement d'un  beat hip hop à une texture plus électro. Ils peuvent être rock  et/ou funk, ils peuvent être lent et doux, ou vite et enragé, et ils peuvent le faire toute la nuit.