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Ce sextuor instrumental donne dans la musique klezmer et slave, ce qui assure une ambiance cuivrée pour faire le party. Leurs chansons aux titres cocasses réfèrent toutes au mystérieux Steve Day. T’aimerais ça être monsieur Day, hein? -- eb


FLOW CHILD, solo project of POP WINDS member, Kyle Jukka, brings you to a new place . Sounds escalating through samplers, synthesizers, drum boxes and vocals will make you feel at ease.

Flow Child is an explorer of sound mass. A visceral expression through which he wrestles with beastly vibrations. His sounds attempt to invent physical landscapes filled with shapes and textures to listen to as if if you were touching them with your hands. His songs are direct manifestations of a daily obsession with recovering the delicacy of childhood perception and the feeling of infinite acceleration.