Hooded Fang  +Cherry Chapstick  +The F in Fresh  +Dj Ricky Roll

Folk / Rock / Psyché

Ce groupe de Toronto est composé de 7 membres : Daniel Lee, Avril Aliermo, Julia Barnes, Nicolas Hune-Brown, Halley Lane, Lorna Wright et Eric Woolston. Leur musique indie-pop-rock est amusante et stimulante, avec beaucoup de synthé. Leur nouvel album est sortie le 19 Octobre dernier.

Hooded Fang do specialize in catchy pop, and the fact they hail from Ontario's capital does, technically, make them a Toronto pop band.

Glam / Shoegaze / Glam

Cherry Chapstick are a Montreal-based trio who got in touch earlier today with a couple of recent tracks. Members Nigel Ward, Evan Mullen, and Julian Flavin operate in the preternaturally talented world of unabashed pop music that's been percolating in Montreal for the past couple of years, amongst groups like Blue Hawaii, Pop Winds, the Silly Kissers, with some stylistic nods to groups like Lo-Fi FNK and The Avalanches.

The F in Fresh