Hooded Fang  +Cherry Chapstick  +The F in Fresh  +Dj Ricky Roll

Folk / Rock / Psyché

Hooded Fang have been been a force in Canadian music and beyond for the last few years. To their enormous credit, they continue to blast their sound to smithereens before picking up the the most jagged pieces and moving forth. Where once in their career lead songwriter Daniel Lee would have used lush instrumentation or thick harmony to evoke urgency, Venus on Edge gives us Ritalin tempos and sheet metal guitars, nagging us until there’s no choice but to give them what they want, surrender. The combination of Lee’s vocals, Lane Halley’s manic riffs, April Aliermo’s hypnotic basslines and D.Alex Meeks’ spastic rhythms leave the listener confronted with the questions, “Is this too much for you? Can you take it?” Hooded Fang have done what a great rock’n’roll band does and become more dangerous sounding with each year and each release. Watch out for Hooded Fang’s upcoming release, DYNASTY HOUSE.

Glam / Shoegaze / Glam

Cherry Chapstick are a Montreal-based trio who got in touch earlier today with a couple of recent tracks. Members Nigel Ward, Evan Mullen, and Julian Flavin operate in the preternaturally talented world of unabashed pop music that's been percolating in Montreal for the past couple of years, amongst groups like Blue Hawaii, Pop Winds, the Silly Kissers, with some stylistic nods to groups like Lo-Fi FNK and The Avalanches.

The F in Fresh