Special Noise  +Ancient Kids  +Royal Palms

Drum & Bass / Experimental / Indie

MEM: Play Guitar/ Think About Life - Youth Club Records

"This is a band that has everyone in awe. If you mention the name Special Noise among local indie musicians, eyes widen, you receive a measured smile and then a slow approving nod." - The Coast.

Pop / Psychedelic / Shoegaze

La musique d'Ancient Kids s’inspire de sons de sirènes, d’ambulances et de planches à roulettes. Ancient Kids evoke Grandaddy, Fountains of Wayne, Blur; "Crystal Family" meanders, glimmering, til it smells blood or love or just a dream, rippling, and then it begins to run - lumbering, powerful, splintering conifers with the plow of its shoulder, sending guitar solos spraying -- Said the Gramophone MEM: Adam and the Amethysts/Anemones/Hidden Words/Sunset Rubdown/ The Unicorns

Experimental / Other / Pop

Marc "The Nuc" Nicol survived a lightning strike. He also rocks the loop pedal pretty hard.

Marc Nicol a été frappé par la foudre, mais sa musique n'en est pas moins impressionnante !

MEM: Sunset Rubdown