Flak N’ Birds

Punk / Rock

Flak N’ Birds formed within the comfort of Etienne Lemay Plamondon’s (singer and songwriter) parents’basement, in late-2007. Whilst, punk-rock riffs were shaking his bedroom walls and annoying the whole neighborhood, friends from his hometown in Shawinigan, eventually joined-in. It was nothing serious at first; it was more like an excuse to get plastered and stoned. In reference to those formative days,Etienne says:”We were not that good, but we were having fun. It was a start for me. I played with a lot of different musicians, played gigs and recorded demos, but I never seemed to find the right guys for the job. All I needed was to find committed musicians.”

Etienne finally moved to Montréal in 2010, which is when his brother introduced him to Raph (Raphael Bussiere), a bass player he knew from his college. Raph then introduced him to Matt who’s a really talented drummer. They first jammed together on September 1st 2010 and It was a perfect match. They found inspiration in punk rock roots and from the raw sounds emanating from bands of the late-70s, as well as from the new wave and hardcore scene of the 1980s. “We can't denied it, we're 90s kids and we were teenagers in the 2000s. We are all really inspired by the “SoCal” punk, rock revival and the alternative/indie scene of the early 2000s. From grunge to the actual garage revival, hundreds of bands inspired us.”

Flak N' Birds just finished recording their first album and according to Plamondon;” Things are looking good for us. We're happy do to what we love the most…music!”. See you all at the next show!