The Coppertone  +The Heavy Hands

Blues / Rock / Soul

The Coppertone, c'est Amanda Zelina... Elle chante et joue de la guitare comme les plus grands Bluesman.

There’s plenty about Amanda Zelina that belies her actual age. Most striking is the 25-year-old’s stirring, smoky voice with an aura of experience far beyond her years. Couple that with her ability to pen soulful blues-laden songs and you’ve got a performer with the output of an established artist and the vigor of a young upstart – and that vigor has started to yield dividends.

Rock / Southern Rock / Country

"The Heavy Hands roll hard, playing shows and keeping down day jobs to fund both their decrepit lifestyle and the numerous baby mamas that they've somehow accumulated. You can find The Heavy Hands dodging fights at beer-n-sweat-soaked shows, and getting the crowd really rowdy wherever they go." — iamthepilot, Spin