Katie Moore  +Serena Jean

Acoustic / Alternative / Country

Katie Moore est une chanteuse sans compromis dont la musique envoûtante défie toute catégorisation rapide, elle se trouve quelque part dans le no man's land entre folk, alt-country, bluegrass, et Americana. Construit autour d'une simplicité convaincante, chaque chanson est ancrée par sa voix absolument magnifique. Katie sait s'entourer de très bons musiciens et est souvent accompagné de Warren C. Spicer and Matthew Woodley (Plants and Animals), Josh Dolgin (Socalled), Joe Grass (Lhasa), and Mike O’Brien (Vic Chestnutt).  Mais ces collaborations vont dans les deux sens. Sa voix est souvent recherché comme accompagnement par certains des artistes les plus renommés du Canada comme Patrick Watson, Plants and Animals, Socalled, Chilly Gonzales et bien d'autres.

Folk Rock / Country / Blues

Falling somewhere in the space between country and folk, Serena Jean draws her inspiration from the glory days of Laurel Canyon in the early 70s. Tonight, after a set of her own material from her upcoming release Primrose Path, she will host a good ole fashioned honky tonk revue featuring some of her favourite Montreal musicians. Filling out the bill and carrying the good times late into the night will be the likes of Joe Grass, Lil Andy, and Mike O'Brien, just to name drop a few.

"Canadian transplant and former jam band muse Serena Jean is a mighty fine country-rockin' gal. (She) doesn't waste time brawling under the roots tent about labels; the singer-songwriter's too busy vying for the crown of supreme artist on the come up... She and her cracking band will entice you to honky-tonk. This is the genuine hotness—with boots!" -The Village Voice