THE BALCONIES  +Sandman Viper Command

The Balconies stand before you – teeth bared, eyelashes batting, clothing and hair drenched in sweat. In the blink of an eye, the group has grown from a humble indie pop band to a leather-clad three-headed rock and roll monster, punctuated by 80s hair metal flair.

Garage / Indie / Pop

Directement de Burlington, Ontario, ce groupe au nom audacieux, est composé de 4 meilleurs amis: Rob Janson, Aaron Harvey, Dan Reardon et Matt Meyer. Ensemble ils ont créé un parfait mélange de pop/rock/garage.

When most kids their age were riffling through college textbooks and figuring out the path of least resistance towards some sort of stable income, these small town boys were riffling through their parents record collections, studying the messy emotion-fuelled rock of Pavement and the fuzzy post-rock discography of Sonic Youth, dreaming of ways they could marry it all together. So far it hasn’t worn off, being the average age of 21, they still have their collective sights set on a future a little bit more shaky and unstable than the rest of their peers.