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4@6 CIBL

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Folk / Rock / Psyché

Ce groupe de Toronto est composé de 7 membres : Daniel Lee, Avril Aliermo, Julia Barnes, Nicolas Hune-Brown, Halley Lane, Lorna Wright et Eric Woolston. Leur musique indie-pop-rock est amusante et stimulante, avec beaucoup de synthé. Leur nouvel album est sortie le 19 Octobre dernier.

Hooded Fang do specialize in catchy pop, and the fact they hail from Ontario's capital does, technically, make them a Toronto pop band.

Pop / R&B / Psychedelic

"This one's really mellow," explains Danny Cmon. "It's just for the atmosphere, like soft furniture. I grew up on big comfy couches, sunk low, plush and blue. Love seats that you can take apart and put in different formations. That's my whole music style. Easygoing, but adaptable. Did you pour a Danny?" Only a member of a band whose eponymous album features a song named after themselves would offer me a drink that he named after himself. "It's just gin and grapefruit juice," he adds, expecting me not to notice the hints of ginger syrup and paprika foam notes. And that is the trick of the Breezes: alcohol in general.

Caroline Glass

Alternative / Folk / Experimental