The Mohawk Lodge  +Eamon McGrath  +David Macleod

Album Release Party

Indie / Soul / Rock

What started alone in a cabin with an acoustic guitar and an album’s worth of songs (Rare Birds-’04), morphed into a big slow-tempo indie rock try at Fleetwood Mac (Wildfires-’07- guests- Dan Boeckner Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs), and then purged a whole lot of bad blood (Crimes-’10- guests- Dan Mangan), has now arrived in The Mohawk Lodge’s take on punk (Damaged Goods). At 30 minutes even, it’s their rawest, shortest, most visceral record to date. Ryder Havdale has taken both himself and his ever-changing companions in The Mohawk Lodge on wild and sometimes unexpected musical rides, and the story leading up to the record he’s presently finishing under The Mohawk Lodge moniker, Damaged Goods, is no exception.

Eamon McGrath

Blues / Post punk / Hardcore

Leurs chansons sont inspirées de cœurs brisés, de bouteilles vides, et de vieilles guitares. Une musique country et un esprit punk rock...


David Macleod, ayant travaillé avec Angela Desveaux, Katie Moore, Patrick Watson Band et Warren C.Spicer de Plants and Animals, nous présente maintenant son projet solo, aux influences folk-pop.  C'est avec sa guitare acoustique, qu'il vous invite à visiter son subconscient, qui a un regard défaitiste sur la condition humaine et une touche de mélancolie. Son style épuré est des plus impressionnant.

Birds alighting on crisp winter days. Intricate finger picking and tenuous piano chords to highlight the beating of their wings. David Macleod's vocals summon all this with a wit and delicacy that is sweet and somehow not saccharine. None of these tunes will do you wrong. - Culture Bunker