PEGGY SUE  +Sunfields

Blues / Folk / Alternative

Rosa Slade et Katy Young chante avec une douceur  qui est totalement mensongère, démentant le sous-jacent de fureur dans leurs paroles, et les tourbillons vertigineux de leur musique. Accompagnées par guitare, accordéon et percussion, elles envoutent la foule avec une puissance brute et étonnante.

"Sunfields sound like Wilco making out with Tom Petty in the back of Neil Young's van, while listening to Sparklehorse & dreaming of The Beatles."Acid-laced pop Sunfields are the brain child of Jason Kent. Although the quartet was born in 2009, three quarters of its members have been playing music off & on together since they were teenagers, analyzing, learning and knit picking their parents scratchy vinyl collection. Their debut album , Palace in the Sun (2010) was once described as '...the most overlooked album of 2010.' Their second record, HABITAT (2014) has been described as "...blossoming like a field of poppies in a rainy English field."