Rah Rah

5 @ 7 – Lancement de  L’ours

Indie / Alternative / Rock

Pourvoyeurs de pop et de rock poétique qui affichent un don aigu de l'invention et de l'équilibre. Très accomplie, malgré leur jeunesse.

"Their music will completely set you on fire if you’re a fan of Arcade Fire, The Mekons, The Pixies and The Decemberists. With eclectic instrumentation, strong, anthemic guitar based melodies and harmonies that are sure to sweep you in with their energy, Rah Rah are one of the best new Canadian indie-rock band you’ll discover this year." - Bruce Warren, WXPN

"Their set was full of upbeat indie pop songs culminating in pretty huge choruses, which often brought to mind I'm From Barcelona (if they had like, 23 less members). The members did a lot of instrument switching and almost everyone in the band sang lead on at least one song. And just in case their catchy songs weren't enough, their stage antics are sure to be remembered" - Brooklyn Vegan

“There’s no doubt that Rah Rah are Canadian. Their beyond catchy but blunt rock songs were dressed with keyboards and violins, and in a very Weakerthans-esque manner they brought their awkward sing-along inducing live performance to a crowded audience at the Boat that couldn’t help but clap along! It leads me to believe in the near future we’ll be hearing a lot more from these prairie dwellers.” - Exclaim