JEUDI 6 MAI 2010
Young Rival

5@7 – Vernissage Elaine Martin

22h  -  Young Rival

Et la soirée se continue avec la charmante « DJette » Heidy!

Rock and Roll

Brillant ! C'est comme le mélange des Beach Boys et de Sex Pistols. Incroyable mais vrai... Leur musique enivrante, fait tout aussi bien 1968 que 2010.

“Young Rival plays tight, four-minute bottle drainers, not quite retro-Mod, not-quite punk. And they’re very good at what they do. If the guitars don’t lead you to the edge, the bass and drums will push you over. A very strong debut album.” – Graham Rockingham, METRO

“In so many ways, the groovy Hamilton rockers long for the past, evidenced by taut angst-ridden punk dunked in reverb and swirling psychedelic soup. Like a shot of lightning, with a Red Bull chaser.” Brad Wheeler, THE GLOBE AND MAIL