Mayd Hubb  +Third Eye Tribe

Dub / Experimental / Electronica

Le duo formé distille alors une musique physique ou l'évasion transpire, douce mais imprévisible, dans l'expectative de la découverte. Un show énergétique qui sait convaincre les incrédules et combler les initiés, déjà exporté aux Etats-unis et dans de nombreux pays Européens (Italie, Finlande, République Tchèque...) Traverser les frontières du politiquement correct, telle semble donc être la principale motivation de ce dubber qui a choisi de marcher hors sentier battus tout en respectant une structure musicale adaptée à la puissance des Sounds System. Car c'est en live qu'il nous transmet le mieux ce message venu d'aillleurs, aux commandes de ses machines et accompagné d'une basse massive jouée par Zeuspi.

Third Eye Tribe

Electronica / Dub / Reggae

A Canadian pioneer of dub and its fusions, Jacob Cino has been producing and MCing for over 16 years. Cutting his teeth with years of hip hop, dub and drum'n'bass MC’ing and DJ’ing, the founder of the Vancouver group Third Eye Tribe Jacob continues to explore and producing new bass territories mixing in influence of world musik with electronic beat riddims.   Learning the history and exposing himself to year of soundsystem culture, Jacob has studied dance culture in North American, Europe  and spent months in Jamaica and Puerto Rico soaking up "The Way".  A self proclaimed "Bass Slut", Jacob is a fan of big bottoms. Having recently spent another sabbatical in Jamaica he comes staight from yard to Montreal with a refined audio spectrum. It will be BIG and SERIOUS, trust we!. If you love to wine you wast then warm up and prepare your ears to hear dub, dubstep, Coupe Decale, dubby dubstep, dancehall, reggaeton, digidancehall, steppers, soca, soukous, original hybrids and everything in between. Now based in Montreal and working as a dancer with the contemporary African dance company Nyata Nyata, Jacob continues to grow his sound and understanding of dance culture.