MARDI 30 MARS 2010
The Details  +Dryer

Rock / Pop / Indie

Dès leur premier show en 2006, à Winnipeg "The details" se sont rapidement fait connaître en se promenant de Vancouver à  Halifax et vice-versa. Une brise rafraîchissante dans le monde de Indie Rock.

Peggy Messing and Dave Maurakis met in Winnipeg, moved to Montreal, and have been writing music and performing together ever since. Their partnership brings together a wealth of disparate (and often unlikely) influences that combine to form a sound which listeners will find at once entirely unlike any other, yet strangely familiar. Dark, brooding instrumental passages set the stage for melancholy verses which ultimately give way to uplifting choruses. Their debut album *Out Like a Light* was recorded in Montreal and will be released in 2010.