JEUDI 25 MARS 2010
The IN & OUTS  +The Unsettlers  + Sixteen Layers


"The in and outs" est le reflet  de la fureur Rock and Roll qui habite le trio. On peut s'attendre à tout, de ses membres Dave, Alex et Frank. Ils ont le blues, le cœur, le punk, l'amour et la rage dans un charmant emballage théâtral.

Blending an expert mix of folk-guitar, funky-blues bass and reggae-jazz drums, The In & Outs’ vast influence of diverse genres from Johnny Cash to The Doors, passing through Elvis Presley and John Spencer, amongst others can be heard on such tracks ‘Boo My God’, ‘Me, Myself and My Guitar’ and ‘Often On The Moon’ from the bands 2009 debut full length ‘Ascending Back And Forth’.

Truly unique, The In & Outs have demonstrated more than a profound love of music. They also reflect the ups and downs of life and the essence of a society which is expressed in its eclectic lyrical content. In their own way, The In & Outs amalgamate a biting and realist poesy that they transmit to their public in a stream of energy.

The band is currently in production of their second album, set to be launched in late fall 2012.

The Unsettlers

Other / Experimental /Folk

On peu s'attendre à tout de ce brillant trio Rock and Roll. Ils ont le blues, le cœur, le punk, l'amour et la rage emballés dans un emballage théâtral original.

An eleven-piece band of time-traveling troubadours, The Unsettlers specialize in dark polkas, menacing waltzes, horse-drawn lullabies and funeral dirges for the living - all filtered through the creaking floorboards of a whiskey-soaked saloon. Based in Montreal, the lineup features a contortionist, multiple vocalists, clarinet, accordion, violin, horns, guitar, piano, bass, and trashcan drums. Sounding peculiarly familiar, darkly celebratory, and maniacally assured, The Unsettlers have gathered a devoted following with their haunting, windswept vocal harmonies and pulsing, danceable blend of Klezmer, Beat poetry, and big-top dixie.

Sixteen Layers Canadian Tour “Sixteen Layers are like a juggernaut……..their debut is a sonic tour de force………File under ‘I’ for impressive……..” (Hot Press)