Bones Malones  +Jessica Kaye

Experimental / Lyrical / Other

Bones Malone est un chanteur / compositeur originaire de Montréal, Canada. Il présente son nouveau CD intitulé "Barn Recordings".

Malones’s sound can best be described as the noise a muffled gunshot makes echoing off the hills of eccentricity. Or, as those in the “industry” may refer to it, an inspired mélange of Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, R&B, Pop, Industrial/Percussive, Hip Hop, Latin, and a couple of genres too difficult to pronounce by those lacking a forked-tongue. Never once meeting an instrument he didn’t get along with, save perhaps an isolated incident involving a murderous kazoo, Malones has taken an especial shining to the guitar, piano, organ, accordion, banjo and harmonica, en route to putting the world’s only one-squid band to deep and mighty shame.

Jessica Kaye is an acoustic solo act from Montreal. Though most often noted for her Youtube covers, she also writes many originals. She enjoys featuring different artists from the local scene in her songs, giving each tune a distinct and unique quality. Both emotionally and politically charged, her music is mainly influenced by artists as KT Tunstall and Jesse Lacey.