The Unsettlers  + Steve Brockley and The Softwood Lumber Agreement

The Unsettlers

Other / Experimental /Folk

On peu s'attendre à tout de ce brillant trio Rock and Roll. Ils ont le blues, le cœur, le punk, l'amour et la rage emballés dans un emballage théâtral original.

An eleven-piece band of time-traveling troubadours, The Unsettlers specialize in dark polkas, menacing waltzes, horse-drawn lullabies and funeral dirges for the living - all filtered through the creaking floorboards of a whiskey-soaked saloon. Based in Montreal, the lineup features a contortionist, multiple vocalists, clarinet, accordion, violin, horns, guitar, piano, bass, and trashcan drums. Sounding peculiarly familiar, darkly celebratory, and maniacally assured, The Unsettlers have gathered a devoted following with their haunting, windswept vocal harmonies and pulsing, danceable blend of Klezmer, Beat poetry, and big-top dixie.

Steve Brockley

Folk / Other

Trio folk de Montréal, composé de Steve Brockley, Leon Power et Kevin Bertram.

While Brockley’s knowledge and repetoire of traditional folk music is apparent, he’s able to take the style in new directions without making the audience feel up-rooted. Listening to Brockley’s writing and guitar style, it’s no suprise he lists his major guitar influence as Mississippi John Hurt, and his favourite songs from folks like Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, and Woody Guthrie.