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Ces quatre amis d’enfance vous charmeront avec leur attitude bon enfant et leurs prestations déchaînées. L’album Record in a Bag (littéralement distribué dans un sac) est un bijou d’indie rock entraînant. On s’amuse ferme en leur compagnie. -- eb

The Rough Sea

Folk / Punk / Experimental

The Rough Sea was founded by Justin Hess and Christina Laurin. They started out as buskers, on the streets of Ottawa. They have recently included long-time friend Ted Hall to the group as bassist and banjo player. It’s been a long haul for these kids, their first tour found them homeless, hitchhiking across the country playing a few house shows, bars, and a lot of street corners. Struggling to survive out on the road, they would play their music anywhere and everywhere for enough money to get by. Their songs reflect all of this, made up of metaphorical stories from these journeys they still live.

Mercury Mouth

Folk / Country / Blues