JF Robitaille  +The Abramson Singers

Indie / Folk / Folk Rock

"Lyrically sincere and utterly charming. JF Robitaille could rise to be a Leonard Cohen for the new age; but with optimism, melody and a prettier voice." -EXCLAIM MAGAZINE

"Both the pristine pop tunes and slow-bop ballads are clean and simple, and their light orchestration, pretty harmonies and pleasant melodies are contrasted by often dark, even depressed lyrics, a great device in the right hands, from Del Shannon to Morrissey to Robitaille." -8/10 MONTREAL MIRROR

The Abramson Singers

Experimenting with a cast of jazz stars on guitar, organ, bass, and drums, Leah Abramson writes songs in East Vancouver, sings with her electric and acoustic guitars, and attempts to not take herself too seriously, sometimes succeeding in doing so.