Pressed And
  • 19h12

Chillwave / Beats

Pressed And is the intriguingly named collaboration of Andrew Hamlet and Mat Jones, one of the hydra heads of the burgeoning southeastern electronic music scene. Mat, a North Carolina native and Andrew, originally from Atlanta, met as students at UNC Chapel Hill, where Andrew worked A&R for a student run record label that had Mat’s solo project, It Is Rain In My Face record one of their notable VR presents live sessions. They crossed paths again at a showcase a few years later as they were nearing graduation and decided to try working together on some music. With Mat working manipulations of his voice (often from parts of his solo material), Andrew adding heavily processed guitar, and both sharing in various electronic triggers and overall production, Pressed And was formed. After releasing their earliest work on the split EP, Post-Ad For Sync, they began working on their true debut, Imbue Up. Now splitting their time between Brooklyn and North Carolina, and with their first national tour and a hefty chunk of positive press as accomplishments (including a Daytrotter Session), Pressed And are on the verge of laying claim to their portion of the post-chillwave electronic musical landscape.

  »[...] Both relaxed and imperative [...] Perfectly sequences its builds and climaxes, keeping you wrapped in the noise just long enough to fully soak in all the layers before releasing you to prepare for another dip into their dream-like pool of sounds. It’s a sip of your morning coffee… plus a little dose of acid. » -KEXP

« I have a feeling… that this duo is destined for greatness. Imbue Up is a cassette that goes far beyond the trappings of both -step and -wave based genres, to create something richer, more spacious, infused with an undeniable ambient legacy. Watch these guys. They are bound to make quite a stir in the electronic scene. » -Weed Temple

« …this band exudes a massive presence through their creative approach to songwriting. » -Rebel

« There is something magical happening…I can’t necessarily put a finger on it but I think you know it when you feel it. » -SYFFAL

« …an ear dissolving, mind skewing kind of album… » -Pasta Primavera