LUNDI 26 MARS 2012
  • 18h57

Yardlets, a recently formed band comprised of Broken Social Scene alum Sam Goldberg and Jeff Edwards, describe their first forays into songwriting as Buddy-Holly-meets-acid. Judging from their first set of songs on the Lot Lizard EP, this statement rings true. “Jeff is an old skateboard friend of mine from over the years and I’ve always wanted to make cave-man dum-dum music with him cause we’re both constant clowns,” Goldberg tells Hive. “Our process was we’d get together for four or five hours a day and force ourselves to write one song and record everything very quickly directly into the laptop as shitty and messy as possible. Often bands will rehearse and demo songs to death and then by the time they record the songs the excitement of that initial spark is lost and they don’t capture it on record.”

That intensity and rawness is reflected on this tune, “Short Skirt” — a nearly three-minute explosion of swirling guitars, feedback and sweet metaphors like “you melt my popsicle” and more direct statements like “I wanna melt in your mouth.” Rounding out Goldberg and Edwards’ wall of noise is Death From Above 1979′s Sebastian Granger on drums, which only serves to amplify the intensity.